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is a thirty-something pop culture/worthless information collecting know-it-all originally hailing from Philadelphia, PA, now living in Southern California. She is a high school English teaching, Hot Mom of two boys, and wife. Being born in The '70s, raised in The '80s, and endured adolescence and adulthood in The '90s, she has attained a wealth of knowledge that apparently only fellow tropers care to share/discuss. Known to be a Deadpan Snarker and The Daria before the animated series existed. Tread carefully.


She enjoys the following to bide her time:

Music: Pop, Rock (e.g. Classic, Alternative), Dance, and R&B (pre-2000).

Television: True Blood, classic shows from The '60s, The '70s, The '80s, and The '90s

A lot of cinema, but not all.

You will find her in most Music and other pop culture tropes dating from the 70s-90s.

Turn-ons: spanking, waxing philosophically during "happy time" If You Know What I Mean, pretty boys, and ankle socks on men (it's the way they cup the ankle - don't ask! She also has a thing for both English and Irish accents

Turn-offs: Willful and Content Ignorance, Laziness, Most of the World's "isms" (e.g. Racism, Sexism).


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