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HLYSHFT is also known as Angie. She greatly enjoys contributing to the clarity and neatness of TV Tropes when she has the time. If you find a page that has random capitalization or grammatical errors galore, please feel free to leave the link at the bottom and she'll be happy to edit it for you. She prefers to use British English for her spelling, so don't mind the extra us as they come about. After all, if u weren't there, it wouldn't be her favourite. :)

As a friend so eloquently put it: YOU WORK AT TRON!?

About V2.0


I can be found on Facebook at (e-mail for FB purposes only). Some of my favourite programs include Dr Who, Firefly, Soul Eater, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Walking Dead. My favourite trope is High Octane Nightmare Fuel. I enjoy cars, racing, motorcycles, weapons, martial arts, writing, reading, and SNES video games (A Link to the Past is my very favourite). I am in Phoenix and would love to meet other Tropers - come see me at Bliss Showclub if you're in the area!


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