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Hershele Ostropoler is a semi-employed 41-year-old writer in New York. If you would like to fully employ him, get in touch.

I gave myself the name because I'm Jewish and sarcastic. If you see comments from this username anywhere on the Web, odds are it's me.

(If there's interest in a FB group to replace the old N*nnery, PM me; if there's critical mass it may be worth setting one up. If anyone has any better ideas about an off-wiki replacement, PM me. If such a thing already exists, on FB or elsewhere, I'd be honored to be part of it. I don not wish to restore that conversation to the forums here)


A note on transcription

The name הערשעלע is spelled with the letter ש, transcribed in English as "sh". Therefore the proper spelling is "Hershele" and shortened forms of that.

Wiki politics

    Cutting pages for content 
There are no works pages I would rather cut than keep. Not even that one. Nope, not that one either. There are some that I don't think are as, well, important than others; there are some where the preference to keep is razor-thin and based entirely in the general principle. I am concerned about an attitude of "'art' is a word perverts use to defend their filth" or, more Godwinishly, "when I see the word 'art' I reach for my revolver." That's not quite the comparison that best fits, but I do think it's McCarthyist. I worry about a tendency towards prudishness that I think will weaken the wiki.

On a not unrelated note, changing things to fend off concern trolls and TOS trolls, especially after the fact, is essentially feeding them.

    The content rules 
We are inevitably going to lose things I don't want to lose; I don't want to lose anything.

We are probably going to lose pages I likenote ; I have odd tastes, and I like beige descriptions of sexual topics like on the page for Literotica, or for The Story Of O.

But I don't think we'll lose anything I don't want to lose aside from all that if we get rid of pages on pure pornography (works whose sole raison d'être is causing arousal) and on anything with:

  • An endorsement or positive portrayal of non-innocent sexual activity involving children.
  • Any portrayal of children as the legitimate objects of sexual desire for normal adults in a way that implies this is or should be normal or acceptible in contemporary U.S. society.
  • Pornographic scenes involving children.

As well as Porn with Plot works in which children appear. I don't think this is automatically icky, if a strict separation is maintained, but I'm totally sympathetic with people who think it is, and I don't think it's worth arguing over.

I can hear the Rules Lawyers now: "What makes someone a child?" "What makes a portrayal positive?" "What's legitimate? What's normal?" "What makes a scene pornographic?" The answer to all of those is "whatever the panel decides, ultimately, but it probably means pretty much what you think it means." Fetish Retardant and Fan Disservice (beyond the fact that there are kids in) aren't directly relevant, but I imagine the panel would take them into account when considering if a portrayal is positive.

After I write this, I looked back at this and I think what I have pretty much agrees with it.

I'm fine with that. I don't think I'm going to agree with all the P5 decisions but if that's a reasonable guide I think I can predict a lot of them fairly well, and duly prepare defenses and appeals.

That's a content approach to defining pedoshit. As an alternative or supplement, there is also a context approach. That asks why (in the Doylist sense) there's adult-child/adult-teen sex in the work:

Again, which it is in each case is something a person — or, say, a group of five people — is going to have to decide.


Tropes found in this user

    Brag List 


    Shows and movies that have filmed/taped on location near my home (at the time): 

Also, someone working for JJ Abrams considered but rejected my parents' house for scenes in Fringe.

     I was in the studio audience for: 

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