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Heavy DDR, a male troper living in the outskirts of Austin, TX. Born in California, like everyone else, raised in the outskirts of Gary, IN. He has ideals of Walking the Earth, or rather, Sailing the Earth, and visiting every country. His oddest fantasy is to go to every country and take a dirt and water sample from each, that way he can say, "I have all the world's land and water in my hands!" It will be a muddy day, indeed.


He is a percussionist who prefers keyboards like the vibraphone, xylophone, and marimba, but also enjoys hacking away at a snare drum, bass drum, and timpini. He's a huge fan of John Mackey pieces, including but not limited to Undertow, Asphalt Cocktail, and Redline Tango. Another notable piece he has played is Carmina Burana on the timpini, playing in front of a live (and nationally known) high school choir. O Fortuna, indeed. In marching season, he preferred pit, of course, but due to being the biggest guy in the drumline once the seniors left, he had to become bass 5. That thing is heavy, do not underestimate it. And the callouses on his fingers, aye...

When not playing music, he's probably (not) writing on his novels. As of now, Heavy DDR has a six-book series planned, though that isn't the end of the series; he plans on writing these novels till the day he dies. Influence heavily by One Piece, his book, called Skullgrael, follows the titular hero as he aims to become a pirate so he can find the most powerful pirate in the world, Captain Blitz. With the help of the powers to control water, he is also assisted by a small, but growing crew, where by the sixth book, he has 13 major characters, and an infantry of 50. In his crew, besides him as the captain, is the first-mate swordsman who parodies BFS characters, an Action Girl sniper, a speed-based and love-searching errand boy, a fire-bending chef who parodies characters whose dream is to go back to his love, a slight Badass Grandpa of a navigator, another Action Girl becoming a shipwright, the Cute Bruiser doctor who is the sister of the shipwright, a musician fencer who parodies half-human half-animal characters as he has the powers to be squirrel-like, a Badass Grandma who can see into the future, a cowardly thief who fights with street magic tricks, a Huge Schoolgirl (more or less) who can read minds and fights via screaming powers, and last but not least, an infantry leader who uses his own footsoldiers as weapons. They don't mind.


Expect lots of manliness and awesome from the series.

This troper is slightly infamous back at the Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series forums as being the internet badass and mean moderator. With the help of forum games and rage, Heavy DDR earned his respect amongst most forum-goers, but was laid the banhammer when making a Dude, Not Funny! joke about Hurricane Ike. He returned a few times, for only a couple hours before the mods banned him again, but has little intention on ever going back, especially considering how the forums are now.


Series this troper can assist with:

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    Anime and Manga 

    Card Games 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh. He has a crappy Harpie deck and groans at the new rules, however.


  • The only good machinima he has ever seen, of course: Red vs Blue.

  • Megadeth.
  • Pendulum.
  • John Mackey, though he doubts the glorious short-man has a page.
  • Carmina Burana.
  • Various percussion instruments, don't you worry.

    Real Life 
  • Surprisingly, he has one.
    • He's calling it right now: this joke has been done on various Contributor's Pages.


    Video Games 


    Western Animation 


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