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I'm just a guy who flamed the Troll Fic One Less Lonely Gurl a lot back when it wasn't revealed to be a Stealth Parody yet. I decided to make the TV Tropes page for the said trollfic after lurking around the Fanfiction Dot Net forums and read a discussion page that wanted this fanfic to have its own TV Tropes page. And so I created the page.

I am mostly analyzing the fanfic in order to be able to create an in-depth page for it. Anyway, I've already read his new story. Turns out he's not really the jerk I thought he was. Furthermore, knowing that he was just a troll, I soon realized that One Less Lonely Gurl is actually a surprisingly profound story for a trollfic, if the rude author's notes are ignored,


Another thing: Obviously, I love Paramore.


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