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Hawkuno is a Norwegian gamer and troper who is easily scared of Nightmare Fuel, tends to make rather nitpicking (but well-intended) editions (mostly about video games), and rather enjoys the inherent silliness of himself and the world.

Like Ridcully, he has absolutely no concept of being embarassed, which often causes other people to be embarassed on his behalf instead.

The nick is a subversion of his regular internet nick, "Hawk one", which in itself is a way of making his real life name passable in English. "Hawk uno" first appeared in an IRC channel, in which the chatters would often tack on an "UNO" when they joined a specific sub-channel created specifically for an IRC-made version of the popular card game Uno. One of the other chatters didn't spot the particular cleverness in this nick-change for months. Ever since, "Hawk uno" has been the nick Hawk one's been using when he's engaged in gaming, or gaming-related activities.


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