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A philosophy undergraduate who likes classical music, literature, anime, manga, and has some other geeky interests such as math, turn-based strategy games, linguistics, etc. Also brazillian. Has been on a hiatus on tvtropes, but is slowly coming back. "Slowly coming back" meaning "adding more to the wiki than before". And then going away for some months. And then coming back again. Repeat ad infinitum.


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HELLOOOOOOOO! Hellooooooo! Hellooooooo! Your page is so empty it has an echo. ~GameSpazzer

  • And now it's less empty because of your comment :D —Harpsichord

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  • I'm your fifth vandal YAY. So how's life? I'm pretty good. - JR Pictures

  • I'm your sixth! And you like Fullmetal too! —eternalNoob
    • Now, see, you're the third, since you vandalised it before, unless my own comment also counts, in which case you are the fourth... And that's just me overthinking everything like usual. —Harpsichord

  • Well, that certainly is a cool handle. -desdendelle

  • I like your handle. And your list of Philosophers / Artist. Read Voltaire. Very entertaining and quotable. —Ghilz.
    • Oh, I've read some of his works, including Candide. I've just forgotten to put his name on the list :P —Harpsichord

  • First person to be vandalized during my Summer Vacation! I should probably put something here ~raigakuren
    • Meanwhile, it's almost winter where I live. And it's cold. —Harpsichord
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