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So this is my Contributor page. Huh, rather barren, no?

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     Short Bio 
Well, I might as well start with the basic stuff. I'm seventeen years old, somewhat of a stoic. And no, I am not just making some comparison about myself to a TV Tropes page, I am rather stoic. My friends have even said that I never smile. I like to write stories, I haven't really written anything that good. Mostly just Crackfics and Slashfics. Mostly yaoi. Though I should point out that I don't make most of the yaoi Slashfics for pleasure, more or less they were things my friends commissioned from a couple of the girls in my school. I'm a pleaser, what can I say? Also, there may or may not be an ulterior motive behind writing those things that are disgusting to the point that after printing them out I usually deleted the fanfics. ;-,,-

I've decided to start doing 'Original Fiction' lately after deciding that fanfics just weren't, right, for me. Sure a couple of them were fun to make, but I've found that making characters of my own more interesting than using predetermined ones. So yeah~ Feel free to edit this page as you see fit~ In fact, I'm quite curious as to what tropers might do to this page. Have fun~



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