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Hey! I'm Happyboy. The name started out as a joke; for months, I'd been trying desperately to create an account on TV Tropes, to no luck, and finally, when I entered in a ridiculous name such as this, it got accepted. Don't ask me how.

Anyways, I've been tropin' for nearly three years now. TVTropes has very much changed my awkwardness in social situations and my attendance in school for the worse, but I'm grateful for this community for allowing me an opportunity to analyze works with which I am very interested. It has certainly piqued my interest in literature, and has gotten me passionate enough to continue to write.


So! My favorite things are probably Law And Order, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication, Ace Attorney, Breaking Bad, and Prince Of Persia. My favorite trope to see in works is probably the Xanatos Speed Chess; that really gets me on edge.

So, I'm glad to share this corner of TV Tropes with other tropers, and together, let's keep adding examples!


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