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The Halinicu Monkucus (also known as Halinmonk or just Halin) is a strange creature. There are many reported sightings of this strange bread of fan but few have fact to back them up. Many people claim that the Halinmonk is male, some claim it is female; some say it is hostile some, say it is peacefully; some claim to have been locked in epic duels of wrath and destruction. With it, others claim it is totaly alturistic as long as you leave it alone.


What little is known about the Halinmonk is that he (as the reporets of male gender outnumber ones of female) does not like yaoi fan girls, but does not mind Slash as long as it's cannon. We know that he is a poor artist and a improving Fan Fic Writer. He reads Naruto and has a love for Final Fantasy surpassed only by his love of Kingdom Hearts (where he has lurked many a year). The most sighitings of the Halin of late have been deep inside the World Of Warcraft fandom, sometimes under is reported allais the Undead Mage, Briandor (some calim he lurks on the backwater server on Moon Guard but to this there is no proof).

His name is alleged to come from his first true fandom: Xiaolin Showdown, which he (like many other species of fan) has long since abondened do to it being a Dead Fandom.

More recently unconfrimed reports have been made of him skirting on the edges of the Zelda fandom along with the new sub-species of the Slashers: Sa Rness.


One thing can be sure: He is the last of his kind among fans.

Halinmonk Presents Examples of:

Ax-Crazy: Back and forth between this and Friend to All Living Things.

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