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Growf is snarky. Behold Growf, The Snarky, in all Growf's snarkiness.

If snark was the least attractive genetic attribute, Growf's line would end now. However, snark is sexy. Thereby, Growf breeds.

Somewhere among all this there is a lesson.

Growf will explain it to you.

Growf doesn't have the faintest idea what you're talking about -- Growf

Gus: Growf teases. Growf pretends Growf did not invent snark. Bad Growf! No snickers.


Growf did not invent snark. Growf got snark by going forward in time and getting future-Growf to explain it to him. Growf suffers from Third Person Syndrome as a result, however. Poor Growf. -- Growf

Gus: Poor Growf! He has a syndrome. Syndromes are very serious. You can tell by the 'Y' standing stead for the vowel. :}


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