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"My word is my honor. My honor is my life."
— Demonchild, Angelkin, the Blackest Seraph, the Final Warrior


I'm Griffinhart, otherwise known as Final Warrior (if you met me on an online forum) or Raphael (if you met me in Real Life).

I'm just a gamer. A student (albeit in my freshman year of college, rather than my senior year of high school). A poet. A writer. And an asshole.

In that order, mind you. I've combined all of those things together and am now attending a college tailored for breeding game programmers, designers, and artists. Maybe you've heard of it. I'll give you a hint, it's a West Coast (of the US) school. I plan on someday being a game designer...


Not that I profess to being any good at those things, save the last. I'm usually the first to disparage my works. And the last - like anyone would read the nonsense I put out. (I maintain the belief that all opinions on anything non-academic I do save my own are thinly-veiled Stealth Insults. Somedays, that's the only thing that keeps me going - the thought that if I keep going, I can continue being a thorn in peoples' lives. Like I said, I'm a Jerkass.)

I've tried my best to be an Effectual Loner without treading the dark path of Loners Are Freaks but through out life I keep running into people who befriend me. I don't get them. I'm a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, damnit!

I once was Book Smart, but then Al Gore went and invented the Internet. I was once a Cute Shotaro Boy, too, by virtue of being Vietnamese - then I grew up (also, Al Gore invented the Internet). Now I'm a bespectacled Bishōnen. (Well, Your Mileage May Vary on that last bit - I don't have quite the Bishie attitude, but my ladyfriends have always complained about how I manage to keep such a ridiculous figure. Ladies, my secret: video games, late nights, Internet, schoolworkaholism, and not having the time nor the appetite for a proper meal.)


I guess, now that I'm older, I'm a bit more outgoing. (Oh, the wonders the US's public schooling system can work on a boy.) Or at least, I stopped giving a damn about who heard me and my foul mouth in public. I still hold contrary opinions and act like a Jerkass to everyone I meet - it's just that I keep running into people who are equally Jerkass-y, or they just don't give a flip-damn.

My BerserkButton? When people behave like pretentious know-it-alls, especially towards me. I'm also pretty damn intolerant - of everyone. (As a colleague once put it, "He's not racist - he's an equal opportunity discriminator!") Hypocritically, I'm intolerant of intolerance. Hey, I never said I made any sense.

And Fan Dumb? Leave me alone, kthnx. I don't judge your preferred forms of entertainment, you can just leave me and mine alone, unless you have actually constructive criticism or valid points. If you don't like something because you think it's stupid, that's lovely. If you think something's stupid because you don't like it, freakin' good for you. I don't care, stop wasting my time and brainpower.


Also, I'm a Cthulhudamned Grammar Nazi, so little things - uncaps, words without spaces in between them, missing ending parentheses/brackets - tick me off to no end.

(And don't even think about getting me started on greengrocers' apostrophes.)

Fetish Fuels... Lolicon, definitely. Hey, it wasn't so long ago that I was under the federal age of consent, myself. Maybe I'll grow out of it, maybe I won't. (Growing Up Sucks.) Tsundere too. Zettai Ryouiki, and I sure as hell don't mind the Clingy Jealous Girl who is willing to Murder the Hypotenuse... so, y'know, basically, Rin from Kodomo No Jikan. (Except she's not really all that tsundere, is she?) (Although I'll be honest, 10 is too young for me. It's not Squicky, I'm just not attracted to prepubescent girls, fictional or otherwise. At the very earliest, 14, and that's really pushing it. Maybe I'm not so much into Lolicon as I am a jailbait kind of guy... hey, remember, I'm still under 20.)

Don't hit me if I start turning everything you say into a Double Entendre - it'll only make me misbehave more.

If you need to bother me on teh Intratub, my Facebook, my Twitter, and my LiveJournal.

Expect all sorts of psychotic, mad ramblings and piss-poor poetry. I'm a pretty emotionally (or is that psychologically?) conflicted person - I'm not trying to sound deep, it's just that on the one hand, I think that all Humans Are Bastards and I occasionally daydream about being an Omnicidal Maniac. Y'know, the times when you're sitting in the dark and you're browsing the Internet, and you just think to yourself - "Someone needs to Kill All Humans."

But on the flipside of the coin, I have been known to write... some really, terrible, horrifically sappy nonsense. More than once have I been called a Hopeless Romantic in seriousness. Sometimes I just wanna believe in Rousseau (or at least, mostly right). (Because, let's face it, the only way I am ever going to get into a serious, long-term, committed relationship with a girl is if she's a Love Freak Friend to All Living Things Purity Sue on a level that surpasses Flonne.)

Oh, wow. Way to go off-topic, assbutt.

"I'm a traitor, will you trust me? I'm dead, will you return me to life? I'm hated, will you love me? I've lost my innocence, will you help me find it? ...Save your breath, there are some things you can't get back."
The Ghost of Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande


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