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I am giant weasel with an Engineering Degree, known for gratuities of various sorts.

In the lumper/splitter debate, I fall quite firmly into the 'rather just cut it, this wiki is bloated' camp. Other than that, I take each case on its merits.

I'm from South Africa, I ended up on this site initially while trying to Google up a word-count for Wheel of Time.

And now for the obligatory Internet Complainabrag (mostly false, of course):


I HATE having to figure out what to do with all the money I get from driving Formula One in the Olympics. I HATE not having to sleep at all, I get lonely when all of my ENDLESS SWARMS of friends are asleep. That's actually why I travel the world every day. There is always a party somewhere in the world. I HATE understanding so many languages. Information overload, man. I HATE when women refuse to get off me when their turn is over.


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