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New here as of late December 2008. I'm Gilgamesh at Wikipedia, wikis and programming, and Dermot Mac Flannchaidh at FurAffinity and as a musician.

After three and a half of years of loyal eager service here, I can no longer in good conscience edit here. I'm an overseas-raised internationalist with only weak American cultural roots, and I am not comfortable using one culture's standards to pass judgment on another's, especially when those standards being adopted are foreign to me. I absolutely believe it's important that innocent people are not intentionally harmed by others — I know there are a lot of creepy, unscrupulous people in the world. But there are methods of protection that I believe go unethically too far, and cannot agree to — I decline to support such methods in the interests of literary respect, respect of cultural diversity, and the overall preservation of international good faith. All of my friends have already gone from this place, put off by the...shift in atmosphere. I never wanted to leave, and was the one who had the most faith in this place. But now there's nothing left for me here. I still love to trope, but barring a miracle, my troping shall not take place here. Farewell.


(4 August 2013) After a year and a half away from this site, I have been seriously considering returning, perhaps in a modest capacity. I still don't necessarily understand all the subtle cultural peculiarities (the unwritten assumptions) of this wiki's content suitability policy. But I think that if I tread lightly, I won't step on so many toes. I've always preferred good faith interactions anyway. That said, I have not yet made a decision.

(7 October 2013) As my recent contributions can attest to, I've returned to tvtropes on a limited basis. I am not prepared to return in full.