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20 year old who likes things and writes things. Generally tends to think "that's nice, but what if those two characters were boyfriends". If you know who Tommy Shepherd is, you basically know me. I also have a fondness for birdy boys, bishonen bad guys, and Albuquerque-based drug dealers, among other things. Oh, and in case you're still here and I have more points to lose with you, I like anime. And Supernatural, though painfully.


I'm assuming everyone's gone by now, but if not I'll just let you know that you'll probably find me on the Fanfic Rec, Headscratcher and YMMV pages. For my part, I usually spend my time here opening up about thirty tabs and systematically reading through all of them. If this website was an Olympic Sport, I probably wouldn't win anything, but I'd be in the Olympics, which would be pretty cool or whatever I guess.


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