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A Nerd and semi-geek, as well as a certified genius. (The certificate is in the shop.)

Fond of wanton trivia, the more esoteric the better though not a master of such, really. Fan of all media, especially books, webcomics, and some movies. Prefers Speculative Fiction over the dryer and more bland alternative, and humanity at large is on my side, whatever critics might have to say.

At the risk of stroking my ego overmuch (what the hell, this is the internet), the following are tropes I've personally posited and launched:


Advantage Ball
The Ark
Audible Gleam
Astral Finale
Battle-Interrupting Shout
Battle Trophy
Bewitched Amphibians
Bob from Accounting
Boss Banter
Cannot Cross Running Water
Cannot Talk to Women
Capture and Replicate
Cast from Calories
Catch Your Death of Cold (I wrote the original draft of this, abandoned it, and someone else fixed and launched it)
Determined Expression
Died Standing Up
Digital Head Swap
Don't Call Me "Sir"
Dual Age Modes
Dramatic Necklace Removal
Ethnic God
Evil Is Sterile (originally by bradpara)
Everything's Better with Rainbows
Failure Montage
Fantasy Counterpart Appliance
Fantasy Keepsake
Fill It with Flowers
First Time in the Sun
Harmful to Touch
Hat of Authority
Hollywood Torches
Human Notepad
Hybrid Power
Last Episode Theme Reprise
Magical Camera
The Man in Front of the Man
Medals for Everyone
Mega Dungeon
Mercy Kill Arrangement
Moment of Silence
Myopic Architecture
Nemesis Weapon
Nested Mouths
Oathbound Power
Old Magic
Onrushing Army
Present Tense Narrative
Reverse Arm-Fold
Robbing the Dead
Sand Worm
Separated by the Wall
Sidetrack Bonus
Solitary Sorceress
Summon to Hand
Supernatural Aid
Supernaturally Marked Grave
Symbolic Wings
Terrain Sculpting
Too Many Mouths
Trapped with Monster Plot
Trial by Combat
Traumatic Superpower Awakening
Violence Detector
You Know What to Do
You Sexy Beast
Zip Mode


And the following are tropes I eventually hope to research or launch:

Circular Motifs
Follow Me
Frozen With Shock
Kaufman Humour
Precedent President
Outgrown Such Filthy Procreation (or, We Will Not Have Sex In The Future)
Massive Construction Project
The Philistine
Rust Aesthetic
Shocked Into Stupidity
Shooting At The Ground A Lot
Suspiciously Familiar Fantasy Name
Temporary Tone Shift
Thematic Summation
Valorous Vs Villainous Vices

And the following are tropes that I meant to write but someone got to first, thereby saving me the trouble:

No Such Thing as Wizard Jesus
Super-Speed Reading

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