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Let's see, where to start...

First of all, I'm male. I was born in the states to middle-class, white, Reasonable Authority Figure parents, and was raised in a boring small town. So, my backstory isn't nearly as interesting as most people, but I guess it's better that way. I'm a freshman sophomore at the University of Washington. As of now I can't decide for sure what career path I want, but I think I'd like something where I'd get to travel and interact with other cultures. I have a lot of interest in language and linguistics, and besides that the field of journalism has had some appeal to me (I blame Jon Stewart).

Besides that, I'm not entirely sure I can give an accurate description of my personality. Like most people, I act differently in different environments, and my tastes change over time. Who's to say which of my (or anyone's) behaviors are most significant?

Anyway, enough of the existential bullshit. I'll give it an honest shot.

Tropes that apply to Gelzo:

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So yeah, feel free to vandalize below this point.

Tofu had a giggle at your Avatar theme. Thanks for brightening her morning, sunshine~!

Hello, dude. -Kinkajou

To save space, of course. - English Ivy

Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICE, you Pungeon Master, you. -Outta The BLAM

I like swords. ~Glenn Magus Harvey

In order to protect you from Glenn's swords, I'll just leave this here. —Blackmoon

XKCD invocation... ~GMH

DANCING KIRBIES!! <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^)> "Poyo~!"—Squealing Sandry

  • ...Okay, I will admit that I'm feeling vaguely lonely as the only Troper in my area, and want to make friends with like-minded people...)

Godot Was Here.

Mikasa es Tsukasa made me laugh so hard. anonymous fan. Wait that's not what I-