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Hello. I'm Gato Girl 12345. I'm a new contributor. I learned about this site from Clevomon.

Favorite Ones

Favorite Stories

My edits comes from seriously random stuff. Order of added.

  • Winx Club in Bowdlerise - Even Winx Club got its own fair share of bowdlerization. (Especially they made the girls so much more preppy to appeal to younger girls.) Hell, there is even an entire website dedicated to it.
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  • Santa Claus Is Comin To Town in Fourth-Wall Mail Slot - In the Christmas special, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, you would have the narrator reading mail that have questions for Santa. Questions that kids would really ask. However, the audience would hear the kids' voices and not the narrator's. During the movie, the voices would randomly appear sometimes as if they were with the audience.
  • Creepy Child - Not that scary as Megan but Rico from Hannah Montana. Same with Sophie from Corey In The House.
  • Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei in Unreadably Fast Text - I saw the season. Unless it's in Zoku, Goku, or Zan, this [opening] is fan made. Extra credits to the creator for getting into this wiki trope.
  • As Told By Ginger in High School - Funny thing about this. The story did end and there were six episodes prepared on their high school lives. These episodes were shown internationally but only the first one was aired on a random day without much notice. Nick USA canned it and just showed the last few episodes on VHS and had to change the dialogue due to parts that were from skipped episodes.
  • Leverage in X Meets Y - Another... Robin Hood meets Oceans Eleven.
  • On Leverage - Added to Chess Motifs - We could continue on. White Turned Black Pawns (no pun intended) could very well be the victims. White King can be the head of the villains they face off. Other White pieces would be another major bad guy except for the White Pawns. They would be the stereotypical henchmen. Black Pawns can be the few allies like Nate's wife in The First and Second David Job and the doctor in The Tap Out Job.
  • As Told By Ginger in Downer Ending - And in No Hope for Courtney, Ms. Gordon dies.
  • Eurovision Song Contest under Crowning Moment Of Awesome - According the the judges, Fairytale by Alexander Rybak In 2009, It was given the highest score ever even if others would disagree.
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  • Prince Of Tennis in Sssssnake Talk - Kaoru Kaidou from Prince Of Tennis.
  • Death Note in All Crimes Are Equal - Technically, he could kill people in countless ways using the same tool. He just chose not to because if he did that, it would have taken longer to tie up all the cases and declare that Kira exists.
  • Gundam00 in Unsettling Gender Reveal - Doesn't the way Tieria refers to himself make things even more confusing? Doesn't he switch from 'Boku wa,' to 'Ore wa,' to 'Watashi wa,' if you're checking out the sub? They all mean 'I am' but usually guys will just say 'Boku wa,' while girls keeps it 'Watashi wa'.
  • W.I.T.C.H. in Hot Mom - In addition, she didn't ground Will much in the comic. She was more a concerned mother.

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