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Okay, sure. I've been a troper for about a year now, only contributing in the last few months. I'm a massive geek, specifically for gaming. Fantasy literature, Languages in general, especially German, the hard sciences like Chemistry and Physics, Archery, and Computers are all interests of mine as well. Considering the website, I might as well index them.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Nope, not gonna happen. too much effort, not enough time. Maybe when I have a job, and can afford to support such an expensive habit.

  • Also no, largely for the same reasons. I just find it hard to have to wait to finish a story.
  • Regardless, I have some favorites. Mostly Batman and Spider-man.

  • Another thing I don't do. I just don't watch movies often enough to really have a taste in them. I'm just not interested in the art of film making.

  • Finally, something I can actually write about. I love Fantasy, and enjoy some Science Fiction, but not a whole lot. Part of why I read is to explore a new world, so plain fiction can be boring to me. I prefer huge epics like
  • The Wheel Of Time. The characters are a contemptible bunch, almost all of them that aren't Elyas or Bashere anyway. The world itself however, is an impressively realistic place, with a well thought out history and a great feeling of legend. The cultures created by Jordan are all unique, and very believable. I'm still only halfway through the series, and I've been hooked since book one.
  • The Lord Of The Rings. Can't talk about fantasy without including the progenitor of it all. I tried reading these a couple years ago as a thirteen year old, but I never got past the second. It's an Old Shame, but I've been too engrossed with Randland to even think about reading something else.

    Live Action TV 
  • Nope. Same reason as comics, the story goes at its own pace rather than mine. If I watch something, it's either going to be The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, How Its Made or Mythbusters. John Stewart is a brilliant comedian, Colbert has his special brand of absurdity, I like to see machines work well, and Mythbusters is televised science with explosions.

  • I've only recently started being discerning in the music I listen to, and that's lead me to three main artists.
  • Dio on recommendations from friends. Metal without being too heavy or depressing.
  • {{Led Zeppelin} once I realized their library was much more varied than just Stairway to Heaven and Ramble on.
  • The Beatles because I like rock music.

  • My true calling, and personal favorite past time. I'll play most games, but I don't particularly enjoy RTS, Sports Games, or Console Shooters. I started playing an FPS on the computer, and have never really adjusted.
  • Metroid is probably my favorite of Nintendo's Big Three. The exploration is wonderful, the theming just right, and the puzzles challenging. I'm replaying Metroid Prime 2 at the moment, and am consistently stunned by the style and quality of the design.
  • The Legend Of Zelda has more exploration, how could I not love it? It's also the main reason I'm terrible at finding things in my house. I look where they would be hidden. My favorite game in the series is The Wind Waker. Some people hate the cell shading, but I think it still looks good today, while Twilight Princess is already aging. The music is also incredible.
  • Pokemon is one I spend way too much time on. It's not so much "Gotta Catch Em All" as "Gotta Train The Best". I've only EV trained a few Pokemon, but it has cost me hundreds of hours of my life.
  • Minecraft is big for the moment, and the main reason I have faith in indie game developers. I want to build so much, but there's only so much time.

  • I know it sounds strange that I would like webcomics after so much hate for serialized stories, but it's mostly gag a day stuff, or I started reading after they had a huge archive.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is hilarious, and usually intelligent. I like graph jokes.
  • xkcd is usually funny, or at least educational. When I don't get the joke, I learn until I do.
  • {{Dr. Mcninja}} is awesome to the tenth degree. When you don't even bat an eyelid at a dead Pterosaur used as a kite, you know you've got a crazy comic.
  • I did an Archive Binge on Questionable Content last year, and have been following it since. I miss Pintsize as a main character.

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