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Well, hello all.

My troper name (as well as general internet persona) is "GDwarf", as you may have surmised. (Though normally without the space between the "G" and the "D", but TV Tropes doesn't seem to like adjacent capital letters.)

I'm a moderate anime, book and video game fan, with just a touch of appreciation for movies. As such most of my edits are to articles on anime or video games.

If I had to pick a favourite anime genre I'd probably go for "philosophical action", ala Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex or Rah Xephon.


For video games, I'm big on RPGs and adventure titles, with not much interest outside of those.

As for novels, my taste is all over the place, and seems to change from month to month. But one constant is that I adore Terry Pratchett's works.

Yeah, can't really say much more without this turning into a personal ad, which would be awkward, so I'll just leave it at this.


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