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fzzr_miller is a contributor. He's an unabashed furry, sings along with show-tunes and really, really needs to get a job finally got a job! is not really in college and has a job!

Tropes Created: Bromantic Foil, Animate Dead, Army of the Dead, Caught the Heart on His Sleeve, Abdicate the Throne, Previous Player-Character Cameo, Date Crêpe, Artificial Riverbank, Alertness Blink.

Works Pages Launched: Fine Structure, Spellforce, A Skewed Paradise, Nightfall, The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn, Robots and Empire


Sub-Pages launched: Unresolved Sexual Tension

Failed Proposals: Even In Death I Still Serve (Title added to Title Bin; later revised, re-proposed and launched as Army of the Dead.) Sneeze Cut (Already existed as Sneezing, made into a redirect) Mistaken For Delinquent [Near-universally mistaken for Face of a Thug (ironically)] Servant Swarm (Duplicated Thundering Herd) Bento Battle (Already Existed as Cooking Duel) Karaoke Scene (Already covered by Karaoke Box)


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