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Hi. Fur Fighter here. 18. Male. Bisexual (historically about a 60/40 on the Tropey Scale) but now happily settled down with another guy.

I'm a huge Lurker who feels I have the potential to contribute in me, but I often find myself too distracted, scared, or otherwise occupied to do so. I'm generally a nice guy, but I can definitely Fight Fire with Fire when it comes to Jerkasses.

Furry, if the name wasn't indicative enough. Currently working on a conworld-based sub-cyberpunk "franchise" called Enverse; a Science Fiction type work set in an Alternate Universe where humans and various anthropomorphic races interact. Currently involves only literature and conceptual work, but later on I hope to expand into the realm of art and video. I even have some video game ideas in mind. My other interests include Music, linguistics, and [[generally trying not to fail at life (or college). Some endeavors are more successful than others. This website has had a undesirable yet predictable effect on my life. Damn it.


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