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Here we go, an introduction!

I'm Fulcanelli, Fulca for short most of the time. I'm fine with being called either, or even Fulcrum at points, though there are only a few people that I know that end up calling me that.

That out of the way, here's what you need to know about me if you took the time to click on this!

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Well, if quiet was a personality trait, I guess I could put that here. I'm a lurker at heart that needs to build up courage to post anything half the time until I'm comfortable somewhere. I'm a little shy around new people, which is something I'm currently working on fixing.

Once I get to know my environment though I'm much louder and more outspoken, like a lot of people can be when I come to think of it. Regardless, I'm generally pretty friendly to people unless they prove to be anything but in kind, then I tend to avid them.

There isn't much I won't talk about if asked, so feel free to ask me anything, or get me started on any topic and I'll go into it as far as I'm tolerated.

I like to read from time to time, and even more so when I happen to be squirreled away somewhere. At the time of writing this, I'm trying to gnaw my way through House of Leaves, and having a bit of a tough time doing it. Am I supposed to be going slowly crazy while reading it? Because if I am, it's working, or was possibly too late.

Video games take another spot on my list of things that get in the way of productivity. Right along with the occasional anime that I binge on now and again.

I'd make a list of sorts of all the things I'm currently reading/playing/watching, but I would definitely forget to update it. Instead, I'll just mention some things that will sure to be outdated very quickly.

As far as games go, I'm playing Tales of the Abyss on 3DS right now. It's not my first Tales game by far, but I skipped out on it when it was originally released, so now felt like a good time to go back and play it.

When it comes to anime, I'm currently invested in Stardust Crusaders and One Piece , but have been watching a few different comedy anime in between. If you're ever curious about my tastes, just ask, there really isn't much that I drop or don't like!

I also enjoy writing at least a little bit every day, but my writing isn't all that great currently.

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While making a few folders, I realized I didn't really have enough categories to justify folders.

Oh well, that's me I guess.

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