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Frullo is a conservative Christian Troper and dedicated Netizen. He likes video games, computers, anime, manga, chess, the earlier works of Robert A. Heinlein, all the works of C.S. Lewis, all the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Ender series, misc. other sci-fi/fantasy, cheese, anthropology, webcomics, clear, cool, sunny days, insanely powerful Midwest thunderstorms, Troping, and scouring the Web for decent Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. He dislikes a good deal more, most of all the way that his grammar has begun to deteriorate after reading too much fanlation. He absolutely hates (sometimes, when he feels like it) the warm, thick blanket of apathy that seems to have draped itself over his shoulders in recent years.


Frullo is physically somewhat imposing. He stands roughly six feet tall. He masses somewhat more than he ought. Has a cheerful disposition coupled with a somewhat cynical outlook on things. If video game play styles mean anything in Real Life, Frullo is Lawful Good; indeed, [[Metaforgotten he often has trouble playing other alignments.]] That stint as a Chaotic Good bard really didn't go so well.

"Frullo" is a borrowed-and-harassed Italian word derived from frullato, a beverage made in a blender (a frullatore), related to the smoothie. It could easily be used as the first-person singular form of the verb "frullare." In context, his username could be used to mean "I blend;" one could conceivably translate it as "Blender."

  • "Blender" goes a long way in describing the state of his hair before combing it.

Frullo likes the sciences, but his math isn't good enough to get very in-depth. Frullo likes math, but he's much better (and more interested in) creative stuff. He likes to draw but isn't very good at it.

Frullo is an excellent car washer.


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