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Frog because they live in the pond in my backyard, 753 because they're descending odd numbers. It's also my screen name on AIM. Yes, I can be very unimaginative when it comes to handles, screen names, usernames, and the like.

I'm a writer first and foremost, that is my art form. A writer...and an observer. Of many things. I also have one of those minds that comes up with ideas faster than I have the desire to write them all down. For example, I've come up with two things so far this week. (Note to fellow Tropers: "this week" was, at the time, referring to sometime in summer '09) A few days ago I came up with a Flora series/Code Geass crossover which features Knightmare Frames being used by the Republic of Califa and the Huitzil Empire, the settings of the Flora books. And just this morning, I thought up Enact, the story of an modern-day real-world Ordinary High-School Student who winds up Falling into the Cockpit AEU Enact from Gundam 00 that just appears out of nowhere. Complete with a Haro. Does this idea make sense? Not really. Do I like it now? Absolutely. Will I like it a month from now? That's the real question. And that's how I work.


But TV Tropes is great because it allows me to follow up on my observational nature, finding the tropes I've always noticed but never known how to elaborate on. Now I'm here to add some entries for works that I feel deserve recognition here, as well as an entry for one of my own works: Rolands War

Main literature projects:

  • World Made by Hand by James Howard Kuntsler
  • The Flora Trilogy by Ysabeau Wilce
  • The Monster Blood Tattoo Trilogy by D.M. Cornish

Main theater project:

Hopefully I'll complete these things someday, and in the process discover other Tropers that are familiar with these works. Obviously I still have much to work on, seeing as how on August 8, 2009, someone went and did a radical improvement of my Skin of our Teeth article. Just thought I'd note it here so I remember how things turned out...


As for myself, I'm a mostly ineffectual Nice Guy and definitely somewhat of a male Shrinking Violet, though I'd argue that it's somewhat artificial and all based in the way people see me. Some might also call me a Nightmare Fetishist for my fascinations with air raid sirens and institutional architecture and design (that's just a fancy word for prisons and psychiatric hospitals, and too a lesser degree, things like schools, regular hospitals, offices?), but I'd say these are just normal but misunderstood fields of study. Due to having lost a kidney to cancer at age 3, I am a permanent Non-Action Guy (and, if you really want to stretch the point, Lovable Coward), but you can bet that I probably would have wound up a Badass Bookworm by virtue of the martial arts I would have taken if I it is, one of my fictional alter egos would certainly qualify as one. At about 5'4'' and refusing to ever wear contacts, I am definitely The Short Guy with Glasses, and I even do have that odd tendency to wear green! I definitely suffer from a case of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, because I was introduced to it very suddenly and without direct supervision, got a, and have had trouble controlling myself since then, often at the expense of getting schoolwork done.


I also once suffered from some famous cases of I Thought It Meant regarding certain tropes: thinking Fridge Logic referred to a certain famously nuked fridge, thinking a Xanatos Gambit and all its subtropes were related to the Star Wars expanded universe character by that name (I didn't watch any TV as a kid, including Gargoyles...), misreading Hikaru Genji Plan as Ikari Gendo Plan, and thinking The Libby was named for the Lost character by that name. Of course, all this was cured by actually looking at the trope pages in question.

I also have an odd sort-of-obsession with Canada. Not really sure why. I guess it just drives me nuts that there's this country right above with the world's longest unprotected border (with us), a country just like us except with hockey and the metric system and national healthcare and a queen (sort of?) and lots of people speaking a weird version of French...but otherwise it's just about the same country, and I've only been there once.

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Good to have ya. - Krrackknut.

Always thought you were a total genius. Still do. By the way, I also misread Hikaru Genji Plan as Ikari Gendo Plan before. - Pirka

Can we have a link to Roland's War? C'mon. - Organicmcgee

  • There is a link. Sorry my page isn't very well organized. But here it is again, nice to know you're interested: Rolands War

Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICE— hello! —Outta The BLAM

Very nice to have another aviation enthusiast kicking about! —Flanker 66

It ain't easy bein' green. - Krrackknut.

* burns out a hole in the page* ~Dracia

rhodesia o/o/o/ — Octane

  • I haven't the slightest idea what o/o/o/ means, but if it's positive or negative towards Rhodesia, let me simply say that I neither support nor oppose what Rhodesia was. I simply am using their coat of arms for an avatar at the moment and their flag, motto, and capital name for a fictional nation in my writing, and I find it interesting that they were a fixture of world affairs in the 70's but turned into Zimbabwe just like that, leaving behind not much more than a certain breed of dog bearing the nation's name...

I'm told you're actually quite nice. Ignore that the fact that it was me who told me that but I'm gonna trust me and hopefully I was right or else I might have to punch me. With my fists. Well anyway, Hi there! — IPunchWithMyFists

  • Er...thank you! It would have been slightly more encouraging if someone other than yourself had told you that, and the fact that you say "actually quite nice" implies that perhaps someone else told you I wasn't nice, but...thanks anyway! No need to punch yourself, I am nice, just a bit odd, and I come off as a bit of a complainer on the forum, but that's just because I have nowhere else to complain. Also, do I know you from somewhere? Because I'm trying to understand why an unfamiliar troper would take the time to write on my page...
    • Oh, you're the guy who introduced himself through a thread in the Anime and Manga subforum, with the title formatted like a Soul Eater episode title, and I was the first to notice it!

Hello! I was poking around some of the forums and noted you go/went to Brandeis University. Me too. :P Just saying hi. — Autumncomet

Just saying hi! ~Dracosketch


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