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Frodobatmanvader is a full-fledged, life-ruined troper. A father of one, and a husband (also of one), I stumbled upon T Vtropes when I was poking around Google for Sci-Fi cliches and haven't been the same since. I am fond of potholes, wish that I could have a T Vtropes Dictionary (that would automatically update, of course), and wish that I could convert all of my friends and family to this site.

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    Image Pickin's I've Been Involved With: 
Found Pictures For I love finding images for tropes. You're always bound to see my participation in a dozen or so Image Pickin' Conversations at any given time.

Edited Found Pics/Suggested Captions:

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     Pet Peeves 

Wiki Editing Pet Peeves

     My Obsession With Trilogies & Franchises 
My favorite tales invariably tend to be in the form of epic, inter-connecting trilogies. The important thing to me is that As a result, I tend to hate Two-Part Trilogies and Trilogy Creep.

These ones you could guess from my handle:


My "Unofficially Collected Trilogies"Γ 

Other Non-Trilogy Franchises I like:

  • Alien: The first is psychological horror perfection, the second is deservedly one of the most influential action-suspense films of all time, the 3rd and 4th are incredibly flawed but still viable works of art. AVP, however, doesn't exist outside of comic books.
  • James Bond: I was already a fan during the Brosnan years, but the retool was a breath of fresh air I didn't know the series needed.
  • More to add as I think of 'em.

     Music I Like 

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