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Do as you wish.

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Hello, Fraggy Mc Frag Frag. I like your avatar.:)~The Westerner

Hi. I'm cutewithoutthe. Hope you enjoy your stay!! Oh, by the way; keep your distance away from Westy....<__< Stick with me instead.


I, for one, do not care with whom you stick. I'll just put my web riiiiiiight here. OrangeSpider

Avast, fellow troper! Don't mind the bees. -Muramasan13

You seem to have a very cute personality - Vyctorian

~Eh....Vyctorian you must be blind.

Fraggie, y u so cool - Haldo

Hey, are you new here? Welcome aboard. - Rumetzen

You have a Fairy Tail avatar, which automatically gets you brownie points in my book *High five* ~ thenamelesssamurai

Good luck! ~Zyxzy


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