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Floria is a long-time Opera nerd whose other obsessions include Dungeons And Dragons, 19th century novels, pretty sailing ships, weird Canadian TV shows, vegetarian cooking, and, for some inexplicable reason, Metal Gear Solid slash fanfiction. While she's not at all neat in real life, she finds that tvtropes appeals to her obsessive organizer streak.

Tropes that describe me:

  • Ambiguously Jewish (apparently, given the reactions of other people - however, my actual religious background is Lutheran and Unitarian)
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  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer (I can be a little odd even by geek standards, but I'm a pretty good baker)
  • Mild Covert Pervert (No more perverted than my close friends, but my demeanor is a lot more wholesome, so it stands out)
  • Cute and Psycho: very mild case. I'm not violent, but I can flip-flop between innocent and disturbing quite easily.
  • Cuteness Proximity
  • Dandere (I'm normally pretty quiet, even around people I know, but catch me in the right mood and I can be quite chatty)
  • Fluffy Tamer (I like cute things. You know, like vampire squid and wolf eels.)
  • Granola Girl (At least according to some of my friends - I'm not very political or particularly zealous about avoiding artificial/processed stuff, but I am a vegetarian with a hippyish fashion sense and I make pretty good whole-grain vegan brownies.)
  • Meganekko
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  • Older Than They Look (was mistaken for a high school student into my twenties)
  • Rapunzel Hair (waist length - I want it longer, but don't seem to have the genes for it)
  • Team Chef (for my roleplaying group)
  • Yuri Fan / Yaoi Fangirl

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