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Welcome to the page of a person who is more or less a lurker here.

I'm not very good when it comes to contributing to the main pages, I think I once edited the Team Fortress 2 page when the Sandman's added effect changed reenabling the Scout's double jump, but that's about it. I've lately been lost in Troper Tales and I'm not showing signs of coming out soon (any entries I made I haven't linked to this page here yet, and I probably should :|).


My name? Uh, I thought of it when I was like, 12 and it stuck with me for a while now (I looked around my room and saw a case of "Flarp", some noise making goop thing, then added the 22 because of the day I was born). I'm 16 at the present moment, male, Junior year in high school, and suffering from a horrible case of addiction to Persona 4.

Video Games are my main hobby, and what I want to be working with in the future (Leaning more toward the art side, drawings and stuff). PC games mostly (I didn't spend $1000 on that computer for nothing :|) but I own a Wii, Gamecube, PS 2, PS 3, PSP, and D Si. Not very big on literature, movies, or many other forms of media. Anime and manga is probably my second favorite form, but it's not saying much because I don't watch/read a lot of them (read: I need to branch out badly).


If you're interested in talking to me, find me on steam (ID: flarp22 , currently renamed as Yukiko Amagi [star] or Chie Satonaka [star]), or Skype (meta_kirby , currently named as flarp22) in order of which I'll respond to most likely to least. I think I'll try becoming active in the IRC channel(s) too, same name, flarp22. Here's a shameless link to my Youtube profile.

More may or may not be coming soon, feel free to vandalize below this line if you feel so inclined.


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