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This troper is a Cambridge geology graduate and identifies herself as Nerdy, Geeky and Dorky all at once. Although she is currently working in Cornwall, she is very proud of coming from Lancashire.

The biggest love of this troper's life is JRRTolkien's works (though not so much the adaptations). However, since she likes to obsess over multiple subject matter, she is also attached to Les Miserables (both book and musical), Notre Dame De Paris (ditto), Star Wars (and the EU), The Princess Bride and Back To The Future. She also enjoys reading 18th and 19th century literature voraciously, watching and listening to a wide variety of musicals and playing her clarinet.


The name is an amalgam of some silly elvish name generator the troper ran her name through 8 years ago and has been her online identity ever since, and Jean Valjean's second prison number.

She particularly enjoys Wiki Walks.

Launched the page for Farmer Giles Of Ham.


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