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Books are the world’s treasures, within which are found the distillation of all the knowledge of mankind.
~ Yumiko Readman

Firestarter is a 17 year old girl who lives somewhere in the United States. She is a Nerd who likes lots of nerdy things, from webcomics to anime to videogames. Musical theater is also a hobby, and she really, really, really, likes books.

Also, I am not an arsonist, nor do I know about a Stephen King story involving pyrokinesis. It's a Pokemon reference, people.


    Tropes Applied to Me: 


S'up? - Mr W

Hello! :3 -Sadist

Excuse me for being redundant...- Mr W

Vandalized! ROFLOLZ - betterthanstrawberry

Gotta love a girl who loves books. I salute you, Fire - Juancarlos11

Hi! ~Fuzy2K

The faeries made me do it - StolenByFaeries

Sup? I herd you like vandalism so *Spraypaints name on page* - Balmung

Hello there from the fora! (Incidentally, I'm hoping you mean you're a meganekko, not a Mega Neko. Although that'd be interesting, too.) -Sabre's Edge

Ooh! OOH! TURGE!Snicklin

"...nor do I know about a Stephen King story involving pyrokinesis." Liar. :P —Artemis92


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