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Hi and welcome, I am Fingon the Reader, the Filmfan and the Player of story-based computer games. Used to write short stories with touches of fan fiction and shoot short films, but these days I write mostly comments to games and movies. I actually write for living now - e-mails to angry customers, that is.

Born in the late October 1985 slightly right from the alleged hearth of the Europe (former Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic) I've studied hard for my two Bachelor titles (Information and Library Science, Film Studies) and then moved to Austria to live with my (then)girlfriend/fiancé, now a wife.


I am very fond of sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction.

Favorite writers: Arthur C. Clarke Michael Crichton Marion Z. Bradley (mainly Darkover Series, the ghost-written novels (collaborations with other authors) from last twenty years, too) Harry Potter Series (didn't read Casual Vacancy yet) Angelique Series (Anne and Serge Golon) Rob Swigard's Time Trip R.A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers

Favorite films: Titanic (1997) The Matrix (just the first one) A Clockwork Orange Stranger than Fiction La Folie des Grandeurs (1971 Louis de Funes/Yves Montand historical comedy) Meet Joe Black Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) The Neverending Story (just the first part from Wolfgang Petersen) Man with the movie camera Living in oblivion

Favorite games: Baldur's Gate series Planescape: Torment (soft spot for Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins) Fallout 2 adventure games in general Quest for Glory Series Gabriel Knight Series Kheops Studio games


And many, many more.

Go-to person if you want to know something about Czech/oslovak cinema.

For more obscurity, I'm also fan and builder of the papercraft/papermodels.


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