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Joined on November 18, 2011. I haven't used the site much since June 26, 2012.

This space for vandalism:

  • Click the edit button to start this new page. — Whoever Was Here Before Me.
  • Just wanted to say that there's a Catullus page now, since you suggested it. ^^ ~Harpsichord
    • Thank you so much! If I had made that page, it would have just been Writer Bashing.
  • Your avatar is so awesome! Kirby's Dreamland 3 rocks! :3 —Fuzy2K
    • That it does. *nods*
  • do u liek subz? i liek subz! u gav me 1 teh oder dey. —@Trope Eater
    • yea the clustre atomic fstekbomb is mah favrit


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