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An aspiring illustrator, writer, linguist, 3D modeler/texture artist/animator, composer and programmer.

As far as languages go Я изучаю Русский язык, أنا أدرس اللغة العربية الفصحى ja opiskelen suomen kieltä; as for writing systems I can read eight-ish (still learning the numerals of a couple, and the rest of the syllables for another). Conlangs and con-scripts are fun ;)


I own a fairly decent gaming system, currently mostly playing Minecraft and Mech Warrior: Living Legends... mulling over Battlefield 3. Looking forward to the releases of Hawken, Mech Warrior Online, Interstellar Marines and the next Mega Man X if/when that comes around (Armored Core 5 looks interesting too), along with future revisions of Minecraft and MWLL.

Also in the process of fleshing out a world and churning up concept art for a couple of games set in it at different time periods... more to come.


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