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Custom User Page for SecondBodyTM User ID: EthZee

SecondBodyTM Name: Fem-Zid

Yo! So I guess I've got to leave some text here? I'm basically Eth Zee, with nicer hair and boobs. And a robot or a clone or some stuff. I'm not sure of the details. Yeah, anyway...

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If you are reading this page, then you have met a user of our product, the ZomGlomerateTM Mind-Swap 2/3XXX series Applied Mind Simulation/Artificial Body Integration Technology, or SecondBodyTM System, for short.


This revolutionary new system allows for the user to create a second, artificial body, tailored to their needs and desires, and to run a simulation of their mind inside this second body system; essentially giving them another body to run around in! This technology has already seen pioneering uses in the medical industry, allowing people who are otherwise restricted by their current bodies to enjoy a whole new level of freedom and well-being than they would have otherwise; by emergency workers, employees in the defence industry, or other personnel who are employed in hazardous environments; and in countless other uses, including work and leisure!


Any persons wishing to enquire about the possible temporary hire or purchasing of SecondBodyTM systems for personal, commercial or defence use may do so contacting their local Sales and Enquiry teams at their nearest ZomGlomerateTM Industries location. Or visit our website! Our website is unfortunately unavailable at present.



The actions taken or opinions expressed by this and all users of the SecondBodyTM System are their own personal responsibility; ZomGlomerateTM takes no responsibility for any offence, personal harm (mental, physical or otherwise), property damage, or death caused by the users of the SecondBodyTM system. It's Only A Movie, You Should Really Just Relax.


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