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At least this looks... alive?

This is a page of a very weird person who doesn't know how to talk to anyone. She has been said to be addicted to nothing but turtles and anything having to do with coffee and cheesecake. Whatever she is, she's certainly strange. Maybe a little stupid, but that depends on the time of the day.

    Important Info! 
  • I'm always open for PM! If you need advice on stuff, my friend code for stuff, or just to fool around, give me a small message.
  • I'm more than willing to rp in PM as well! I even appreciate if you do so, while planning stuff ahead. Just know there are certain things I won't rp, like smut or torture. uwu
  • I'm either in the Our Avatars Are In a Room thread in the Forum Games, or in the discussion thread for said thread. If you need info on rules and our most active players, come to me. :)
  • Also important, I have a disability in which makes me interact with people/memorizing things quite hard. I'm sorry if it seems like I don't have much experience in grammar or talking to people!

    Tropes That Describe Me. 
  • Apologises Alot: You'll often find me saying sorry for every little mistake I make.
  • Berserk Button: Don't make fun of my family, mess with my friends, and never misplace my order for ramen. I dare you.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: I've been told that I am exceptionally smart, but I'm too lazy to put it into any good use.
  • Genki Girl: I'm super jolly as well!

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