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Longtime lurker, occasional contributor, specializes in videogame and technical tropes. Mostly limits himself to editing existing articles and adding examples, but has started a few new ones.

Has some faulty modules in his short-term memory, which makes him very prone to lots of subsequent edits, where he changes small details that he missed two minutes ago - despite using the preview button. As this behaviour has resisted all attempts to eradicate it, he asks for understanding from fellow tropers.


Chaotic Good. Likes technology in general, music, computers, the Internet, videogames and engines (especially when mounted in curious, angry-looking two-wheeled contraptions that no sane human could ever possibly want to ride).

Hails from Pizzaland, but is developing a serious crush for Paellaland.

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Messages from fellow tropers:

I'd like to thank you for the work you did on the Hardwar page. I loved that game - Korgmeister

— Thanks! - Fallingwater

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