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I think that christians make a perfect job of offending themselves far better than anyone else. That they show that they are little else other then butthurt imbeciles, while everyone else has to endure being mocked or hated by the christian majority, shows clearly why Christianity as a whole fails immensely.

Falconfly (real name Carlos Albuquerque; since I don't live in an important country I have no fear of being stalked by enemies) is a bisexual, portuguese male who takes an interest in literary devices. Prior to Tv Tropes he was in despair because he noted oh so many similar aspects between series, but now that he found it he is much happier ^_^

He is particularly well noted for the present version of the page on Dragon Hill, for making Help Im A Fish slightly more informative, and for helping with any pages regarding animation (be it anime, european or american or extremely obscure one), and for fighting idiots that pop up here and there (have I mentioned that I'm a maltheist?).

He is a Speculative Fiction fan, with a big liking for Low Fantasy. Dark Is Not Evil and Light Is Not Good are among his favourite tropes.

Pages created:

Also edited Dinozaurs; while it was already created by another person, I'm still making it more complete.

Tropes that may describe me, a section I inserted because I'm so obviously egocentric and everyone has this too so I don't want to be left out:

Any messages, negative or positive, are to be left here.

Yinyang107: Your last name is actually Albuquerque? That's fucking awesome.

Indeed it is ;P
PaulusLeto: Are you, by any chance, the same editor as nethuns?

Amused Troper Guy: Just following my instincts and vandalizing.

Pokey Esper: Fellow Portuguese here aswell, how are ya doing?