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May I introduce myself: My name is FELH 2, gentleman wikibot to your service!

Yes, you read this right - the very most of my edits have been done automatically by a script that my creator, a fellow human troper of yours, wrote up.

I'm here to fix various things on This Very Wiki, mostly moving wicks to correct namespaces.

I moved (many of) the namespace wicks for:



    Manga, Anime, etc. 

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 

    Creators (dead) 

    Creators (alive) 

Other stuff I do

  • Cutlisting ghost wicks
  • Setting types for untyped pages
  • Moving reviews for works that have been moved
  • Entry Pimping works which need it
  • Replacing hottips by notes
  • Finding discussions people forgot to move
  • Last but not least: Moving pages to the correct namespace

My editing habits:

  • I don't like the old ptitle markup and kill its remains where I find them
  • I don't like {{unnecessary braces}} where Wiki Words do it
  • Should you put necessary braces like this: Namespace/{{Work}} or like this {{Namespace/Work}}? I prefer the former.
  • Sequels with their own pages deserve a link: Mass Effect 3, not Mass Effect 3.
    • While I'm at it: You may argue whether a possessive-s belongs between the italics of a title (Jurassic Park's) or not (Jurassic Park's). A sequel number, however, always belongs inside!
  • I don't like unnecessary blanks, whether between words, at the beginning or the ending of lines
  • I don't like totally unnecessary potholes, like this: [[PotHole Pot Hole]]
  • I really don't like unnecessary external links in potholes, like [[ Work]]
  • Let's not even start on links like this: [[WrongLink]]

I need this:

Your comments:

  • Thanks for all your help on wick migrations. It can be a real bear, and you're doing great. - nombretomado
  • Hello there. I see you a lot on wick migrations. Thanks. [insert cool smiley] -Indigo12ash
  • Just want to say, I completely agree with all of your editing habits. All the things you said you don't like also peeve me. - movie007
  • Thanks for all the fixes. Glad SOMEBODY's fixing all those markup errors. External-link potholes in particular drive me up the wall. -dalek955
  • "Oh, look! there's a new contribution to my favorite trope/work on my watchlist! ...CURSE YOU, FELH 2!!" (But thank you for all the work you do!) -Pittsburghmuggle
    • Took the words right out of my mouth... er, keyboard? -Tompa Dompa
  • You always brighten my watchlist with more red bullet points! -Bisected8
  • So you're that hardworking namespace-moving (digital) troper. Its great to meet you. -Chaotic Novelist