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I'm a 'lil toughie

Extrematron here. I enjoy reading TV Tropes because, despite all of it's flaws, it still is the best site to really examine the cliches that go into certain fiction types. One of the things i enjoy reading about most is Tabletop Gaming.

I'm relatively new to it, having just started around 2 years ago. I started playing the conventional Dungeon and Dragons 4th Edition (back when it was just getting started and was lethargic as all get off), but moved to Pathfinder.

I enjoy Role-playing, as it combines the finer parts of world building, role playing, and (on a good day) good ole fashioned monster killling. I really wish I knew some more people who played it in my area, as the only people I play with now are my siblings, my older brother's friends, and (very rarely since I graduated high school) my friends. I actually want to try DM-ing more, but as is, I don't have many people to try it with.


As for my role playing itself. Whenever my group plays Pathfinder, we are typically very loose with the rules. We take what we like, expand it, and take what we don't like, and throw it out. Whenever, I DM, the rules are usually given the same value as toilet paper. Not any dis-respect with them or anything, but my best friend always plays a Crazy Awesome Barbarian who loves to kill, drink, and sex everything up.

He sees the game as pure escapism, and the results are typically so ridiculously hilarious, that I just let him do what he wants. To name one such occurance: His barbarian was in the home of the Big Bad at the time. For reasons I can't quite recall (either he was trying to impress me, or he was getting bored), he decided to go right outside the said bad guy's room, and throw the most expensive vase he could against the wall and hoot like an owl. He then stealthed when the guy came out of his room wondering what the hell was going on, failed his check, and jumped out the window. Since he was on the 3rd floor of the building, he broke his shin, and stumbled into the forest, hooting madly like an owl. His fellow PC's had to go hunt him down the next morning, and found him standing atop the tallest tree, still hooting, and completely naked. In an attempt to role play what just happened, I ended up stating that he had gone mad from some random mushrooms he had consumed earlier in the game, and then had to create rules for how they worked in battle. Every game with him is an adventure in role playing and DM-ing.



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