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behold your lord and master

Hi, the name's cynical Yoshi but my friends call me ewolf20. Don't ask why the name stuck. I'm just an ordinary high school student who aspires to be a well renowned comic book artist someday and probably a writer too (If I ever got over the visualizing problem I have).

this page needs more love. seriously, add some tropes because I don't understand a single one.

here're some works I'm currently working on.

  • nightslayerz: a webcomic/web serial that's in development hell. it's pretty much about a British exchange student and a half-succubus sharing body with each other. the girl has to balance the life of being a geeky teenager by day and a badass demon hunter by night.
  • squirrel bros': a web strip centering around two squirrels who are bros.
  • diversity: another web strip that pokes fun at sjws, media, society and dealing with the issues that come with it.
  • Warblade: a Witchblade fan comic that focuses on an average college guy that ends up wielding the titular Warblade while dealing with alien bounty hunters that want their hands on it. man service and ho yay ensues.
  • ask the girlz: a Tumblr blog about a group of femme presenting boys and non-binary folk.
  • shattered equilibrium : a kingdom hearts inspired action adventure game about a young mage who must find his master before it's too late. And, there's several endings.

     work in progress 
  • Kaiego: keepers of nature: a series of screenplays with a webcomic underway. it's about a kid named john arciere, a cynical 7th grader who becomes the bearer of an ancient nature spirit. The 1st episode is currently in the works with a link to it here
  • Ruby and the Giltterboyz: a super starbulous series I'm working on. it's pretty much the most gayest thing I'm making for quite awhile.

trope pages (because I'm a werdio)


So what might happen if you take Zelda, add a dash of final fantasy, and the choice system of mass effect?

You get shattered equilibrium, a action adventure game with rpg elements. It wasreleas originally a

tropes about me.

Black and Nerdy: I'm kinda like this with a few weird interest here and there.

celibate Hero: I really get annoyed when guys are trying to be all up in my pants. I will never be your homegirl ever. Go suck it up and get another girl.

Bi the Way: I like girls sometimes but only if they're butch.

author appeal: I love me some sexy beefcake.


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