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In my opinion, sanity isn't going to get you very far, but neither is unbridled insanity. The trick is to live in the fuzzy gray area between them.
— This Troper

Eruedraith is something of a nerd. Okay, a big nerd. An enormous, over-the-top nerd. And completely happy with it. He's also a Type-B Tsundere/Type-3 Kuudere Spock Speak-using Genki Guy (no, really) incidentally. He really enjoys The Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Irregular Webcomic!, and pretty much every RPG you can throw at him. He really likes writing fiction, as well as helping out with online roleplaying as well, especially on Na No Wri


He's a regular on the Brawl in the Family forums, under the name Eruedraith. And any time E3 is happening, chances are you'll find him glued to the computer screen rewatching the Nintendo conferences, usually the ones that relate to The Legend Of Zelda and Metroid. Also, Eruedraith loves the work of Square Enix, especially The World Ends With You, Chrono Trigger, and a few of the Final Fantasy series. One of his newer obsessions is with the Tales Series, specifically Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of The Abyss.

Eruedraith's biggest guilty pleasure is easily how much he reads novel series geared towards young kids, such as Skullduggery Pleasant and Rangers Apprentice. He can't help it if he enjoys the lightheartedness of the series! At the same time, he's also a big fan of {{Discworld} and many different fantasy series.


He is also preparing for the zombie apocalypse - but he's not telling you how.

By the way, his name is pronounce Air-oo-ehd-rithe. It's an Elvish translation of his real name.


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