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Hello. I'm Eponym. I'm a troper. I call myself that because 1, Eponym is a cool word, 2, it sounds somewhat like Eponine (and I’m very fond of Les Miserables), and, 3, I’d meant to type "Eponymous" but accidentally typed "Eponym".

I like correcting typos and adding "subverted trope" examples that are actually literally subverted. I also like thinking about inverted and averted tropes – actually, just any general way to play with a trope to begin with. I’m also very interested in Character Alignment and consider myself Chaotic Good (although acting in the way a True Neutral person might).


Favorite works of mine are Les Miserables, Brave New World, A Wrinkle in Time, and George Orwell's two famous novels. I’m also heavily into music, with my top three favorite bands being Legendary Pink Dots, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali really interest me. I also tend to have difficulty describing myself in such a way so that the total strangers who are reading this don't find themselves feeling apathetic, bored, or put-off by too much pointless information.

I'll add more as I see fit.


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