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Hey guys! Miracle of Miracles I finally figured out how to create a troper page! If that wasn't hint enough, I'm a noob to this, so bear with me. My fall into this Lampshade wearing wormhole started in 2006 (I think, not sure) when I googled Gargoyles out of nostalgia and the page came up, poked around after that and, well, you know how it goes (although it only really got unhealthy in college). My fall into this insanity finally culminated when I started editing in 2011 with the start of the then new show Grimm, on which I have an edit on every page, and am founder (if you can call it that) of its Nightmarefuel page (My baby). Of course I've edited other things, but you never forget your first. Despite having a few years of editing under my belt now, I might as well have started yesterday for all my tech and coding savvy, so take pity and help a girl (Yes girl) out when you can with tips and tricks of the trade, and hopefully I can bring honor to the name troper (Or, you know, not wreck the place at least).



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