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Describe Emptyeye here. Well, if you insist...

Emptyeye is a 28-year-old graduate of Franklin Pierce College (Now a University!). He knows a frightening amount about old-school video games, specifically NES and SNES-era, and is egotistical enough to think that you care.

Other Fun Emptyeye Facts!:

  • Has a number of speedruns. For awhile, he was best known on several communities as "That Battletoads guy", a title he has since relinquished with the obsoleting of his speedrun on the game. He likes his Willow and Chuck Rock runs for actual start-to-finish execution.
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  • Has his own website, on which can be found his music and blog, plus commentary for his Rygar speedrun.
  • Is Connecticon's three-time Top Rock Band Vocalist.
  • Was directly responsible for the first Speed Demos Archive charity marathon reaching its initial goal of $5000. After his run of the first TMNT game began to glitch out, Emptyeye vetoed SDA administrator and marathon organizer Mike Uyama's motion to kill the game and start over, and simply continued playing with the game in a glitched out state. Someone in the stream's chat pledged to donate enough money (At that time, somewhere in the region of $400) to close the gap to $5000 in total donations if he actually finished the rest of the game in that state... and he did. With no Turtles lost. The gameplay footage is here, and the Gamer/Commentary cam for it is here (In both videos, the relevant footage starts at about 12 minutes into the video and goes for a half hour or so. The game glitches out at about 18:45; you can simply click around the bar as soon as the videos load to get to the relevant part). He considers this his greatest video gaming achievement to date.


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