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The self-proclaimed Emperor of Rplegacy, a message board dedicated to text-based RP Gs, as well as a member of Alternate History Dot Com and a Researcher for Jurassic Park Legacy's Encyclopedia project (as Oshronosaurus). His name comes from his original Maple Story character, "O Shrouded One," which is itself taken from a line in Final Fantasy VI, "Speak nothing of this, O shrouded one;" a common pseudonym based on this is Clyde Arrownwy.


Tropes about this person, especially his online persona (written in third-person):

  • Actually Pretty Funny: when watching a show that he finds completely unfunny (or hearing about a scene/line from something he finds unfunny), if a genuinely funny moment comes up, he'll remark "Okay, I gotta admit, that's pretty funny!"
  • A God I Am Not: in relation to his powers as Emperor (Admin) of Rplegacy, as well as admitting to human error when it arises
  • Apologises a Lot: especially when he accidentally kills a teammate in a video game
  • Basement-Dweller: just replace "basement" with "armchair in the living room"
  • Berserk Button: Lost Causers, racists, and people who blow the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy's flaws way out of proportion
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: can apply himself quite well to academics, but typically prefers to read, daydream, watch TV, or play video games
  • Catchphrase: several over the years, most sticking around for a few months, but he almost always starts a thread on with a greeting of "Hey, all." In video games, particularly if he makes a suicidal move in order to kill an opponent (such as sticking someone in the face with a grenade as they rush him), he'll say, "Worth it! Totally worth it!"
    • his first was on Jurassic Park Legacy, remarking on agreement with "*raises beer stein* Hear, hear!"
  • Creature of Habit
  • Drop the Hammer: in addition to hitting trolls on RPL with The Banhammer, his melee weapon of choice in Halo is the Gravity Hammer
  • Founder of the Kingdom: "the kingdom" being Rplegacy
  • Genius Sweet Tooth: well, maybe not genius, but he does do an awful lot of thinking and really likes his sweets
  • Gentle Giant: six feet tall and arguably intimidating when he lets his beard grow out, not to mention that his neutral expression is sometimes mistaken for a permanent frown, but is almost never aggressive (outside of video games)
  • The Good King
  • Iconic Outfit: in real life, he always wears long pants, sneakers, a t-shirt, and a heavy green winter coat regardless of the weather, with the addition of gloves and a green and gray scarf when its cold; in fiction, it's more typically a color scheme, going for a predominantly white with red accents color scheme (based on the flag of England for a royalist theme, but coincidentally identical to Assassin robes)
    • on the internet, he consistently uses avatars of Lelouch from Code Geass (except on Historum, where it's Haytham).
    • in Dungeons & Dragons, the most unique part of his outfit is a conical bamboo hat like samurai are sometimes depicted wearing
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  • An Ice Person / Making a Splash: whenever he characterizes himself with elemental powers, it's always water and ice (waterbending, cryomancy, etc.), though the more the latter than the former.
  • Melting-Pot Nomenclature: his real-world first name and middle-name are English while his last name (as best as he can guess) is Czechoslovakian
  • Modest Royalty: despite characterizations as Emperor of Rplegacy, he always wears civilian clothes; the closest thing to imperial attire would be Assassin Robes and/or MJOLNIR armor
  • Neutral Good: believes he is this alignment, mostly straddling the line between Type 1 and Type 2
  • Nice Guy
  • Playing Both Sides: his general policy for hostile alien empires in Spore, to the point that the unofficial military policy of his main species became "Ramjetines don't fight wars; we pay people to fight them for us."
  • Precision F-Strike: is trying to train himself to do this instead of cursing wildly; when he beats a challenging boss in a video game, he typically punctuates it with "FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!"
  • Royal Decree: regularly issues them in the form of site announcements on RPL
  • Sarcasm-Blind: occasionally, usually when it comes to text
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: for emphasis, sometimes as spoken words or by actually imitating the sound effects
  • Self-Deprecation: occasionally responds to a comment or question with "I'm not stupid. I mean, I am stupid, but not that stupid."
  • Signature Device: his laptop, in use from late 2006 to early 2014, though now replaced by a newer model
  • Signature Style: when writing a story, he uses an omniscient third-person narrator, but occasionally switches to the point of view of a given character, sometimes even switching between different characters in the same scene, similar to how such perspectives will change in a film or television show
  • Talking to Himself: sometimes, though usually only when he's running an idea through his head; accompanied by a lot of aimless walking
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: knows mythology and folklore pretty well; too bad it doesn't apply all that well to Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

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