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Fairly new troper! Hey everyone! Born and currently being raised in Maryland, I love anime/manga, video games (mostly survival horror), drawing, cooking, reading, acting, singing, and the paranormal. I like horseback riding, and ice skating. I can also play the guitar, drums, violin, and the cello. I'm gaining the ability to see auras and read palms. I hear things in my house a lot, sometimes I can make out words, but most times they're just kind of... "sounds". I think there's something lurking around inside my house.


Gleek here! I have a STRONG love for theatre, and I want to become a stage/film actress someday! My dream roles are Wendla (Spring Awakening), Mimi (RENT), and Eponine (Les Misérables). I will do whatever it takes to get there! Wish me luck, okay? ;D

If you guys have any idea on how to improve my profile, PLEASE let me know. It's so boring!

I also have a Youtube account! However, I will be changing it soon to match my Troper name on here.


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