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You've clicked the link, now welcome to your doom!

Dutchtica is Dutch. Lives in England. Used to live in England. Now back in native Netherlands. This has given me a tendency to spell things like they should. With unnecessary U's, like colour and armour. Bit of a Grammar Nazi but not trying to be a dick about it.

Dutchtica used to be a Third-Person Person. Still trying to kick this. Some bits:

Has probably added more Castlevania entries on this site than anybody else, when going through Monster tropes. Into comics, videogames, and has had his life ruined by TV Tropes.

Big fan of Castlevania, Legend Of Zelda, Nintendo in general, and beer. I've created the Rekkit Rabbit page (Not exactly my proudest moment, but enfin. And the Roger Moore page (My GREATEST creation! Muahahaha!)

I go on "quests" to enhance pages, currently busy with

Big Finish Doctor Who: On hold, because I realized my comicbook backlog was getting to be too large. Ultimate Marvel: Just finished all of the runs and am up to date. Batman: Got a couple of Batman trades in, probably be looking to expand on this.

I has a Twitter, @Dutchtica, Found here. I'm also on a comicbook message board,

If you read this before I become internet famous, tell me.

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