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NOTE: Durandall passed away in January 2014. His troper page is left as a record from before his death.

Yrne awaits those with the courage to seek it.


A page providing some information on me. As opposed to another I've written about the same subject.

I'm a troper, but there are some pages/entries I don't like to edit because I feel it's a conflict of interests for me to do so personally (no desire to be self-aggrandizing). I write, I compose Haiku poetry and music, and it's debatable if I do any of these things well. I'm willing to share the writing, at least, and you can read it here.

I'm a fan of anime, of music, of books, and movies. I try and expose myself to culture constantly, and have a profound interest in functional memetics and stellar phenomena.

If for some reason, you want me to comment on your fanfiction, you can just ask me, preferably on the Soulriders message board. My colleagues and I work better in tandem than any of us alone.


But enough from me!


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