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Half human, half dragon, Dreigonix Skyblaze is a master of melee and magical combat. When he was 8 years old, his hometown came under a massive attack by the demonic legions of the insane Dr. Tyrannus (who now rules the planet) and was completely annihilated. Dreigonix somehow survived, although nearly everyone else in the city was killed. A scout team from the SvH that was sent to search for survivors found him in the rubble and brought him back to their underground base. Dreigonix was raised by the SvH, and trained in the ways of a true hero. Along the way, Dreigonix met the alluring Ninja Zelda Shadowgale. They eventually became inseparable friends, along with pyrotechnics enthusiast Robert "Flamethrower Bob" Blaze, and extreme hoverboarder Jeff Airstrike. They and the rest of the SvH hope that one day, they will be able to break Tyrannus' diabolical grip.


Off duty, Dreigonix is an avid gamer who is a fan of Mega Man, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts (he ships Sora/Kairi... deal with it, Yaoi Fangirls) and especially Pokemon and Monster Hunter. He is a fan of Danmaku shoot-em-ups, whether he sucks at them or not (their difficulty is part of the fun). He is quite addicted to Minecraft and is a regular on the We Are Our Avatars forums. He enjoys anime and manga (his favorite anime being Pokémon, of course), and is in fact planning to write a manga series based on his adventures with the SvH.


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